‘Squly & Friends’ Model

for the 2023 Charity Calendar

Much loved by adults and children, the award-winning cartoon characters Squly and his friends Bealy, Kily, Cely and Owlsss will leave their forest and go into the city to become the ambassadors of the SPCA Charity Calendar 2023.

The SPCA is thrilled to announce this brand new collaboration with Squly & Friends who will be featured with over a thousand adorable ‘pawdels’ on the 2023 calendar to remind you your birthday, Christmas, New Year and every special occasion and anniversary you treasure!

Share the story of your photo and win a personalized prize!

Every photo tells a story. Grab this golden opportunity NOW and reserve your meaningful dateswith photo submissions that tell stories of you and your furkids!

Selected stories will be featured on the SPCA Facebook and pet owner will be given a unique souvenir from us, making your special date even more unforgettable!

Charity Calendar 2023


Charity Calendar 2023

Monthly Star

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Charity Calendar 2023

Weekly Star

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Charity Calendar 2023


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Customised Pet Sticker, Red Packet and Cushion

We will also be launching ’Customised Red Packet‘ & ’Customised Cushion‘ and have the adorable faces of your pet(s) printed on to spread the New Year blessings to your loved ones!