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The SPCA is delighted to announce our "pawsome" 2025 Charity Calendar is now open for enrolment!

Calling all dog and cat lovers to make meaningful dates with your pet even more memorable by featuring their "pawtraits" in our upcoming 2025 Charity Calendar while supporting other animals in need. Reserve your special dates now to let your love for animals shine all year round.

All enrolment fee will go towards the medical and daily expenses of animals in need at the SPCA and towards our animal welfare programmes.

2025 Monthly Wall Charity Calendar


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Monthly Star

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*photos of 2024 wall calendar for reference only

2025 Weekly Desk Charity Calendar

*photos of 2024 desk calendar are for reference only

We are now calling for 2025 Calendar Stars!
If you think your beloved pet is a photogenic superstar, don't be shy to showcase its sweet and cool look in our 2025 Charity Calendar. Enrol to make your special dates with your furry friend even more meaningful. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Please Choose a Calendar

Monthly Wall Calendar

Weekly Desk Calendar

Photo requirements
  • Photo submission deadline: Photo(s) must be uploaded on this website by 19   July 2024 11:59pm. 
  • Resolution: Must be clear enough for production and less than 10MB.
  • Format: Photo(s) must be in jpg, jpeg or png formats. Other formats will not be accepted.
  • Preview: You have the opportunity to adjust your photo within the preview photo frame – zoom-in, zoom-out and alignment.  You cannot make further adjustments after you have submitted the photo. No further preview will be provided before printing.   
Terms and Conditions
  • If you upload a new photo after your first submission but before the submission deadline, the new photo will replace the previous photo without further notice.  All uploads must be completed by 19  July 2024 11:59pm and only one (1) photo will be featured for each enrolment.
  • Pet(s) in the submitted photo(s) must be clear and not covered by any text, special effects or patterns.
  • No photo retouching services will be provided.
  • For each enrolment, you will receive one (1) complimentary copy of the wall or desk 2025 Charity Calendar chosen in your enrolment form.  
  • Your choice of date will be secured after payment is confirmed on a first come, first served basis.
  • You can also sponsor an SPCA animal to be featured in the 2025 Charity Calendar. Photo of the sponsored  animal will be chosen by the SPCA and allocated to a random date upon receiving your enrolment and payment.
  • The SPCA (HK) reserves the right to final decisions and overall layouts.