SPCA 2023 Charity Calendar Available for Order Now

SPCA "Plan Your Day" Charity Calendar 2023

Featuring SPCA’s cats and dogs, let’s plan your own 365 days!

SPCA x Squly & Friends 2023 Charity Calendar 2023

SPCA's cross-brand design collection with Squly & friends, "A Pet A Day", "A Pet A week" may help to unleash your joy and pawsitivity to share with your friends and families year round. Order a Weekly Desk Calendar to receive Sinopec petrol coupons worth HK$1,500.

Enrolment for 2024 Charity Calendar Begins NOW

Still remember how you fell instantly in love when you first met your pet? And the happy tears you shed on its "Gotcha Day"? How about the first time you two went on a petcation?

We believe there are full of joyful memories and stories behind every date on the calendar. Are you willing to share with us?

There is no better way to preserve these precious moments of you and your beloved pets in the 2024 Charity Calendar! Register now to secure your special date. Quotas are limited and registration will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Monthly Star

2023 Wall Calendar

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Weekly Star

2023 Desk Calendar

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"A Pet A Day"

2023 Monthly Wall Calendar

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